hi, hello, howdy

^my old studio space, prov. ri, circ. 2020
(pre all-nighter, but I didn't know it yet)

I'm Zoe. I grew up in Richmond VA, went to art school at Rhode Island School of Design. I have a BFA in Illustration w/ a concentration in Computation, Technology and Culture. A proud grad of Zoom University, class of 2020!

I spent most of my undergrad obsessed with UX, fine arts, programming, and storytelling (either through design, or editorial / children's book illustration).

Now I'm in grad school at VCU Brandcenter studying Art Direction, still doing all of those things but with a focus on design in advertising.

Currently I'm working on a children's book for my mom, perfecting my popcorn seasoning skills, and listening to too much Frank Ocean.

drop a line!

Reach out if ya wanna say hey / ask any q's

...or if you want my handwriting font I call "Zoe Sans"