Everything that surrounds drinking is fun. It’s fun to get dressed up, go to a cool bar, meet new people, catch up with friends, play trivia, shoot pool,
throw darts. Seedlip, makes the experience of drinking more attainable for non-drinkers.Even if you aren’t drinking, you can still get the same rush that comes with holding a cocktail in your hand, standing in a bar, and socializing. You don’t need alcohol to have fun, you just need a drink in your hand.
the ask
Create a campaign for a spirit distillery.
We also created a mocktail recipe book, where each recipe is inspired by a character from our campaign.
the mocktail book:
We imagine this campaign can run on billboards and in magazines as well.
We created a series of coasters to be used at bars and restaurants as our main out of home experience.
CW: Ben Bashaw