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I grew up listening to stations on NPR and I wanted to see if there was anything NPR wasn’t capitalizing on that could raise revenue.

There are countless prerecorded sessions of NPR’s wildly viral Tiny Desk series on YouTube.  But the only way you can listen is on YouTube or other audio visual platforms. What if I want to listen to my favorite Tiny Desk concerts for free on Spotify so I can add to my playlists or share individual songs with friends? Or maybe I want to give a little support by buying a digital copy on iTunes?
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Find a way for a nonprofit to make money.
Want something more exclusive? NPR’s audience is loyal and young. In the resurgence of analog audio, what better way to support your favorite radio station and artists by buying a vinyl record?

Other considerations related to Tiny Desk to fundraise for NPR include hosting Tiny Desk concerts locally in a “Tiny Desk: My Office” raffle. Different workplaces / office buildings can hold these raffles to bring Tiny Desk to their workplace (to be recorded as a special session and posted online for everyone to view).