philidelphia cream cheese

Chefs and cheese-lovers alike are in love with the “alarmingly silky” texture of Philadelphia cream cheese. “It’s just the best,” they say. And really, we’re inclined to agree.Because the fact is: Philadelphia is what sets the standard for smooth. And if Philadelphia sets the bar for smoothness, there are a whole lot of things out there that just fall short. So to illustrate our point, we’re unveiling Philadelphia’s List of 101 Things that are Ultra Smooth--and a few other things that really, really aren’t.
the ask
Create a social video campaign for brunch food.
As a secondary extension to this project, we created an actual “101 List of Ultra Smooth Things”, in case you were wondering what did make the list from our initial concept (Philadelphia Cream Cheese made it twice).
Check out our process! We made 50+ idea sketches before even touching executions. Warning, there are dad jokes ahead...
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