mutter museum

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia celebrates the intracacies and oddities of the human body. Once an academic space for surgeons and physicians, this museum now provides the public with opportunity to learn more about different kinds of people and the way bodies have progressed science over the years.
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extension: dna
As an extension we included an collab kit, where you can trace back possible genetic mutations in your own genes, while also checking to see if anyone displayed in the museum might share them! Included is an app as a way to display information.
extension: vr hyrtl
There are more than 139 skulls inside the Hyrtl Skull Collection at the Mütter Museum. Each has a story thoroughly documented by Dr. Joseph Hyrtl.The museum will use augmented reality to show you what these people looked like in life. Visitors will scan a QR code beneath each skull. The QR code will generate a visualization of the person's face.

try it out
Scan the QR code and open the link in instagram to see the recreated face of Andrew Sokolov (one of the Hyrtl skulls) atop the surviving skull. Turn up your volume to listen to more about his story.
CW: Craig Kissoon, AD Partner: Zey Masunu