doc martens

Meet us underground. Dance with us along the fringes of society. When the world goes right, we’ll go left. Join us in defiance of conformity. Break boundaries. Stomp stereotypes. Erase expectations. In a world of homogeneity, we will remain unapologetically bold.Because there will always be something to challenge.The spirit of rebellion may be denounced but never destroyed. We're molded by the messes we make. And shaped by the societies we shake.Our bodies may leave the earth, but legends never die.
the ask
Create static campaign for a clothing brand.
extension: boot
We've also created a custom Doc for the campaign. The Spirit of Rebellion boot pays homage to legends on and off stage. Doc Martens have been worn on stage by music icons from Pete Townshend and Morrissey to Rancid and Rihanna. In the 1980’s, legends off stage began customizing their boots as a symbol of their own rebellion. 
extension: concerts
We also plan on Doc sponsoring classic reunion tours and highlighting concert-goers who are attending the same concert they once attended back in the past.
social posts
We created social executions to go in-depth with the stories and pasts of our subjects. The first image will be from "back in the day" and the second will be a modern photo of the subject looking rebellious or off-beat (from the static posters)